A simple, three-stage project process

As Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. But that doesn’t mean project management has to be complicated. We’ve distilled our process down to three main phases — plan, do, iterate. We first establish what's required, then get on and deliver it before moving into a cycle of ongoing improvement. Here’s how it works...

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1. Plan

Before getting started we need to know who you are (if it’s a new relationship) and what you want to achieve. We need to understand your business, your values, your objectives and, most importantly, your audience. Once we’ve agreed the project scope, we’ll conduct user and stakeholder research to make sure we propose something that exceeds your and your audience’s expectations.

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2. Do

Whether the project is a website, an email campaign, brand identity, brochure or document template, it’s then time to design, develop and deliver what the user and stakeholder research has told us is needed. We’ll keep you informed as we go and ask for your input at key stages but, beyond that, you can be involved you as much (or as little) as you like.

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3. Iterate

The traditional design process is to create — often over many months — and then forget. Even if an audience’s needs are met at the outset, the chances are they won’t be for long. Our process delivers a high-quality first iteration as quickly as is practical. Better to have something out there, that we can improve over time based on feedback and data, than to wait longer for something that might not hit the spot by then!

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